ADAM's ID Meeting & Events

Naritaweg 51 1043 BP Amsterdam


  • Periode mrt / mrt
  • Deelnemers 4 - 150
  • Prijsindicatie € 48 per dag

Feeling fruity? In the meeting room you will find fresh coffee and Dilmah tea, accompanied with homemade oatmeal cookies or banana bread. Throughout the day we strive to keep you hydrated and your vitamin levels on point, so still/sparkling/infused water and a filled fruit basket will be provided and refilled. In the coffee breaks we will serve a variety of fresh juices, healthy cake and a vegan coconut macaron. At lunch you can pre-book either a variety of delicious sandwiches or the two-course business lunch, with a glass of wine or vitamin shot! Next to that milk, buttermilk and orange juice is served.

Aantal deelnemers: 4 - 150

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