Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Amsterdam

Paul van Vlissingenstraat 9-11 1096 BK Amsterdam

National day Package (8h)

  • Periode jul / jul
  • Deelnemers -
  • Prijsindicatie € €59 p.p.,-

National day Package (8h.)excluding room hire

  • Personal welcome and directions from our Meeting host
  • All day unlimited use of coffee, tea, fruit juices, mineral water, delicious changing viennoiserie in the break-out area outside the room
  • Mineral water in the room
  • Extensive national lunch buffet in our restaurant with soup of the day
  • To keep your energy levels up, this package includes brain food:
  1. Brainfood increases concentration
  2. It is full of healthy nutrients
  3. It reduces the after-meal dip
  4. It ensures a good balance between energizers and meals
  5. We provide this at 09:30, and after 15:00
  • Use of projector & flipchart
  • Free access to broadband wireless Internet (without code)

€59 p.p.

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