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Review policy

Review Policy

  • Clients who have organized an event at a specific venue can write a review about their experience after the event has taken place at the respective location. 
  • It is only possible to write a review if the event has taken place at the specific location. If this condition is not met, the review will be removed by High Profile Locaties. 
  • After writing a review, the review must be confirmed via the received email. After confirmation, the review will be published.
  • All reviews are checked by High Profile Locaties. If High Profile Locaties doubts the authenticity of the review, they will contact the client and the venue to verify whether the event has taken place.
  • It is not allowed to name and shame employees of venues in a review. The name of the respective employee will be removed by High Profile Locaties.
  • How is the average score determined? When a location is reviewed on the websites locaties.nl, toptrouwlocaties.nl, and inspirerendelocaties.nl, a score is assigned to each review category, such as 'food/drinks' or 'price/quality ratio'. An average is calculated for each category. This average is calculated based on all posted reviews on locaties.nl, inspirerendelocaties.nl, and toptrouwlocaties.nl. The average score per location is the average of the average category scores.